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Catread: A Small Domesticated Feast For the Omnivore Reader

What is a Catread?

Dear Friends,

Ever heard of a catnap? It’s that delightful short light sleep that does a brain and body good. Cat wisdom embraces the nap and I’ve long been trying to learn this lesson with little success. If I fall asleep it’s got to be for a full REM cycle or two! Nearest I get these days to catnapping is taking a short break with a catread.

That’s right! I’ve coined a new word:

catreadmeown 1. a delightful little book that does the brain and body good. 2. a small domesticated feast for the omnivore reader. 3. a vicarious jaunt through the wilds of an author’s collected sayings, thoughts, mottos and adages  

Catreads are a must for the voracious reader with a goal of completing at least 56 books a year, a tendency to fall asleep when reading in bed, and NO TIME to read during the day!

A Cat’s Little Instruction Book by Leigh Rutledge

My latest acquisition is A Cat’s Little Instruction Book by Leigh Rutledge (who incidentally shares his home with 28 house cats).  Interspersed among the 201 pieces of cat wisdom for and by cats–many of which are good advice for us two-footers–are several wonderful sketches of cat antics.

There’s a lot of practical advice, like: “Climb the living room drapes to develop upper body strength.” And: “Remember that every baby bird you encounter has a mother who would be heartbroken if you ate it.”
Don’t believe that cats actually follow this adage, check out this
video of cats meeting cute baby animals compilation.

The book also contains some more existential cat wisdom: “Own nothing and be owned by no one.”  And: “Inspire whimsy in everyone you meet.”

My favorite: “Keep in mind that just because a man or woman is poor or even homeless doesn’t mean they can’t be a loving and devoted companion. There is absolutely no correlation between money and a good heart.”

Photo by Dennis Evangelou
Support feeding Pets of the Homeless!

Whether you’re a cat person who enjoys reading keen cat observations, or someone who just wants a little distraction from the serious insanity of the world, this catread will inspire a few minutes of the “happy and contented life.”

Some Additional Advice From My Own Cats

Drink Plenty of Water

Share Your Toys

Always Enjoy the Sunset


Doren and her cat friends: Zorro, Charlie Starburst, and Misty Polkadot

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