Doren Damico


A little bird, I may be, with paper wings and words that fly.  No longer caged, nor silently, I set books free into the sky!

What is Good Poetry?

“I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library.”
— Jorge Luis Borges

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When You Can’t Scream…Or 10 Reasons Why I Smoke

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Have you ever wondered why people smoke, even when knowing the dangers?  Can cigarettes mediate trauma?  In When You Can’t Scream…Or 10 Reasons Why I Smoke, you will find a candid story of how my screams were shunned, silenced and sequestered by society, and how I’ve chosen to cultivate compassion in a riotous world.

The book also delivers an honest look at the corrupt epidemic of smoking, and the many challenges faced by women.  Through poetry, photographs, researched information and an intimate narrative, explore my complex journey of trauma, forgiveness and healing. 

In these pages you’ll discover:

  • How cigarettes affect the brain
  • Why mindfulness leads to quitting
  • How to exercise forgiveness
  • How to rewrite an authentic life
  • Why you should scream if you want to

     “The poetry in When You Can’t Scream or 10 Reasons Why I Smoke, is so succulent, it drapes over your shoulder with intention and tangles around your fingertips to turn the page.”                –Jessica M. Wilson Cardenas, Poet & Founder, Los Angeles Poet Society

     “A captivating, educative, and intimate narrative that weaves together science, spirit and self.  The result is a travelogue of a smoker that has lit up cigarettes to socialize, respond to trauma, meditate, and at times stay grounded.”

                                     —Michael Ray De Los Angeles, Editor, The Toyon Literary Journal

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