Doren Damico

When You Can’t Scream…

When You Can’t Scream… Or 10 Reasons Why I Smoke

is ON THE SHELF and in the hands of READERS!  

Amazing real-life exploration of Empath, Doren Damico’s journey through trauma, acceptance and healing. Free verse and patterned poetry is rhythmical, surprising, deeply moving and revealing. Photographs capture the moods of each poem. The narrative is a swift and intriguing read filled with brain science, unique anecdotes, philosophical commentary, and the writer’s struggle to live an authentic and healthy life. This book will change the way you think, and nurture your capacity for compassion.

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Some Reviews So Far…

“I had the pleasure of meeting Doren Damico when she came to NYC this past summer. I have just finished reading this book. It is beautifully produced with beautiful photographs that accompany the poems in the first part of the book. The poems are about her relationship to cigarettes but I really got the visceral connection in the second part of the book. Stories about her family, relationships, and how cigarettes served as a backdrop to overcoming very difficult circumstances. A kind of seducer that seemed to ease her mind in the face of hardship because they make you feel so good. Another lie society tells its young women. A beautiful and compelling book.”      Francine Witte, Author of “Not All Fires Burn the Same”

“The poetry in When You Can’t Scream… is so succulent, it drapes over your shoulder with intention and tangles around your fingertips to turn the page.”  Jessica M. Wilson Cardenas, Poet & Founder, Los Angeles Poet Society, Author of “Serious Longing”

“A captivating, educative, and intimate narrative that weaves together science, spirit and self.  The result is a travelogue of a smoker that has lit up cigarettes to socialize, respond to trauma, meditate, and at times stay grounded.”  Michael Ray De Los Angeles, Editor, The Toyon Literary Journal

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