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First Youtube Poetry

Dear Friends,
I hope you enjoy these first youtube poetry iterations created from the amazing photos that were taken for my book,
When You Can’t Scream…Or 10 Reasons Why I Smoke

Some of my poetry will fall to the files of “whatever was I thinking,” or  “wow, I’ve come so far.” Or it might just stray and never return from epic journals, random micro twitter feeds, and lonely facebook posts. 

Some poems, Dr. D. Frankenstein will resurrect, piecing their worthy parts together with electrical hope. These poems may be kinder, truer than their past selves, or frightened of what they’ve become.

The following first youtube poetry is precious as printed, and now shiny with a bit more care.

From my heart to yours.

Lipstick Stained

Lipstick Stained commemorates the sudden loss of my best friend, Tracy Klane. Model, Nique Haggerty’s expressive portrayal of shock and grief, are captured by Judith Foster Thompson in a soft natural light. Sound effects, music and spoken word — Doren.

A Bright Sharp Tool

Stunning photos of model, Karineh and the Skylark featured in Cigarette #2. This poem speaks to the weariness of work and the lies in the room. Photographs by Judith Foster Thompson. Sound effects, music and spoken word — Doren.


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Doren Damico is a lyricist, poet, visual artist, and the author of When You Can’t Scream… Or 10 Reasons Why I Smoke.   To follow her Smoke Free journey, subscribe to her youtube channel When You Can’t Scream…  To follow her music and poetic journey, subscribe to her youtube channel at: One Voice Echoes


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