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I Scream Party – The Party You Do NOT Want to Miss

On January 14th, 2017 I hosted my first ever “I Scream Party” celebrating the 2016 release of my book:

When You Can’t Scream… Or 10 Reasons Why I Smoke. The event, curated by yours truly, was in many ways a complete failure ($), and in others, a tremendous success (GROUP SCREAMS!).  

Now that I’ve had time to debrief with my team, recover from my disappointments, and reflect on the party’s successes,  I’m certain my annual “I Scream Party” is going to become…

The Party You DO NOT Want to Miss! 

Here’s Why: 

Group Screams

Screaming is awesome fun! Screaming with a group is incredibly cathartic. 

 It’s my party. I can scream if I want to!

Screaming Reduces Stress

Since I quit smoking 65 days ago, I’ve been looking for healthier ways to manage and cope with stress. While screaming isn’t on my list of “10 Healthy Ways to Scream,” it has been positively identified as a great way to decompress.

Emcee, Michael Ray, checking in with me before our first group scream.

I was stressed at the beginning of the party! My best friend and photographer got lost and missed the party. My set up crew disappeared during set up. And I was walking around on a very unhappy broken toe!

A few Group Screams later (and a couple Honey Lemon Tequila shots), and I was really enjoying myself! 

From vitamins to strategic planning, screaming has its place among the best decompression techniques.

It Can Be Difficult To Find A Good Place To Scream With Your Friends

There are only so many places you can go scream with a bunch of friends: Concerts, sporting events, rallies, scary movies and roller coaster rides….

Unless you live in a secluded space, a noisy place, or you are surrounded by other screamers, you might not feel like you have the privacy to really scream.

“10 Places To Go Scream” is probably my favorite poem in my book. It describes me screaming at some of my favorite places to scream.  Here’s an excerpt:

#4 In a vast cave
Vaulting shelters
High-rise streets
Cold stone spaces
I sing and scream for hours
As if
I am the only one left
And no one can listen


The amazing photos for this poem were taken at Stoney Point Park in Chatsworth. Model: Teresa Mei Chuc. Photographer: Judith Foster Thompson.

But honestly, now that I’ve had an I Scream Party, I need to write an addendum poem. It was a phenomenal experience to scream with everyone just for the purpose of screaming. 

Identify Your Reasons For Screaming

The party had a wall of post-its, where party goers answered the question: “What Makes YOU Want To Scream?” We would announce a few of the reasons, then scream for those things together.

  • Some screams were celebratory. For the wind in my hair.
  • Others were passionate. The touch of my lover.
  • Some were a release of pain. When my best friend died. 
  • But all of them were FUN because WE ARE IN IT TOGETHER!
Meanwhile, If You Find Yourself Really Needing to Scream…

If you live with roommates or in a crowded apartment building, your screams may get you in trouble with neighbors, or the police may come knocking on your door.

Try to make one of these scream boxes.

Here are some places to go scream on your own:

  • Nature: A mountain or cliff – I love the beach!
  • A sound proof room – Music schools have these.
  • Near a train track or by a freeway overpass
  • Into a pillow
  • Singing with loud music
  • A Scary Movie – go ahead and scream


There are all kinds of screams. Scream loudly or quietly. Scream with words or just sounds. Do a scream sigh. Roar like an animal. It’s up to you. But, I recommend it. And so do many others.

You could learn about the author of The Primal Scream, Dr. Arthur Janov’s Primal Therapy Center.

Enjoy this record setting Run & Scream video (1 minute).

See what Dr. David Posen, stress expert, has to say about “shouting it out.”

Get a lesson on scream-singing otherwise known as Metal Vocals.

Be sure to check out’s 170 stress management techniques for 2017

Take a picture with my book and join my “Screamers Gallery.”

And make sure you join us for a group scream at the next annual “I Scream Party!” You won’t want to miss it!

(Contact me if you want to be updated about the next annual “I Scream Party.”)

Doren Damico is a lyricist, poet, visual artist, and the author of When You Can’t Scream… Or 10 Reasons Why I Smoke.   To follow her Smoke Free journey, subscribe to her youtube channel When You Can’t Scream…  To follow her creative journey, subscribe to her blog at:

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