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I Still Buy CDs…Do You?

So… I’m broke.  I mean really broke.  And I’m foolish…in a good way.  I still buy CDs.

I think it’s because I know giving is better than receiving.  It feels good to give to artists, to honor talent, skill and celebrate the creative. When I buy someone’s CD I’m saying:  “I see you.  You are beautiful.  I honor you, your time commitment to your art, your capacity as a human. You are the best that people can be:  a creator!”

But let’s get rid of the comparative thinking.  Because it’s really about reciprocity.  When I buy someone’s CD (or poetry book), I receive beauty and inspiration.  I am a mirror of the creative beauty of artists. I honor myself as an artist and creative being.

Me, performing “10 Places to Go Scream” at Mental Monday

At the last Mental Monday Open Mic at House of Brews , I literally had $20 in my wallet, and hadn’t yet paid my rent.  But I bought a CD from Sandbloom.  

newheaderdeepsparkleSandbloom is a male singer, songwriter, guitarist.  He utilizes loop machines in his performances and recordings.  Like me, he zones in on layers of music, creating a rich foundation over which he sings.  One of the things I love about this musician is that he  often releases his voice into falsetto, and it’s beautiful!  His cover of Sade’s Smooth Operator is amazing!  His music message is also filled with love.  

Buying his CD was being a mirror to the love he creates.  I listen to his music during short trips in the car, filling my mind with the love message as I hustle through my day.

Last night, after doing a poetry reading at Beyond Baroque in Venice, where I was gifted $20 from the audience donations, I wandered over to Santa Monica.  The warm beach air was celebrated with salsa dancing at my favorite spot, the 3rd Street Promenade.  When I’d had enough good dances to feel satisfied, I walked the promenade and wondered at the varied artists busking for tips.  

band1Then I ran into the Etcheverry brothers. These two phenomenal guitarists, originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, set their music blaring through the streets, unparalleled talent that deserves every inch of soundspace they fill.  I sat and marveled at their performance, watched a couple people toss a dollar into the open guitar box, and decided to drop $12 dollars for their CD, Seis Cuerdas (six strings).  As I turned away to head home, I shouted:  “Worth every penny,” to the crowd, wishing for more people to purchase their music.  Their music represents a lifetime of study and practice, a tremendous brotherly cooperation, and the pinnacle of commitment to art.

This morning I did my morning planning and business to Seis Cuerdas, energized by the quick tempo and virtuoso flamenco styling. I’ll download their music to my phone and use it to motivate my workouts.

Even though I don’t know how I’ll pay the bills this month, and I’m eating on the cheap every day, I feel rich!  I am wealthy in musical inspiration and the unlimited power of giving.  It feels great!

I still buy CDs…Do you? 

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