Doren Damico

Welcome to Womynkind

Most of the world’s governments
Are committed to full equality for women
On paper
Yet not quite everywhere
De facto restrictions
On presence
On dress
On public
On private
On reality
On you and me
Welcome to womynkind!

For many women in the world
Home is the most dangerous
A cradle of violence
A cradle of suffering
A cradle of controlled access
A cradle for 200 million women
Getting pregnant every year
A coffin over half a million
Dying as a result
50 million more
Suffering illness
Suffering disability
A cradle conspiracy
Delicate usury
Welcome to womynkind!

O M G!
F G M!
I wouldn’t call it circumcision
Gone the clitori
Gone the labia
Hidden scars
On 130 million girls
On 2 million join the ranks each year
Gone in the arms of their mothers
Gone not only continents away
Even here today
All over the atlas
From babies to ladies
Women hold the blade
Welcome to womynkind!

Women and girls
Are the water haulers of the world
Walking on average 6 kilometers
Walking in lands they cannot own
Walking as body commerce
Walking like shock absorbers
Walking through economic crisis
Walking along steadily
Walking to progress
Walking with purpose
Walking together
Marching everywhere
You and me
Welcome to womynkind!

From wife + man
From Old English
From patriarchy
From dowry burnings
From bride price murder
From honor killing
From loss of memory
From mother story
From starlight eternal matriarchy
From Earth
From She
Came WE
Welcome to womynkind!

And on this day!
Erupting all over the world
Transcending earthly wounds
Shedding commerce of beauty
Shedding uncounted housework
Shedding legal inheritance
For Herstory resplendence

Welcome to Badass Babes
Welcome interdependence
Welcome to a new epoch
Welcome Darling Dangerous
Welcome to shooting like a girl
Welcome to Radical Resistance
Welcome Pussy Pretty
Welcome Angry Nasty
Welcome Wonder Womyn
May we know them
Be them
Raise them
Welcome to womynkind!

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Doren Damico

Doren is a salsa dancing philosopher poet and fan of science fiction.

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