Doren Damico


I laugh as I leap from project to project, connecting the dots on a vast constellation of dreams…dreaming, always dreaming — the creative’s work is never done, merely played well. 

  Poetry Project:                

July 2016 RELEASE! 

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When You Can’t Scream…Or 10 Reasons Why I Smoke


A short book of poetry and photography, featuring an autobiographical narrative on my life with cigarettes and information about the science of cigarettes and the brain.  

I had an exciting and successful promotion for the book in New York, reading at the New York Poetry Festival and also at the 24th Annual Poet’s House Poetry Publication Showcase.  I also performed at several open mics!

My first LA book release was fantastic!  Thank you to all my Tia Chuchas family for letting me share  this unique project with you.  

Science Fiction Project:

Coming Soon:  The Unraveler’s Star  

Unraveler's Star Jacket

A Justice Piper Novelette

In this Novelette (1 of 3 coming out this year), Justice Piper time travels to a post meteor impact Earth where she discovers a new power.

Film Project:

Shadow and Souls



It has been a privilege to help at all the sets and filming of this independent low budget short film, written and directed by my good friend, Judy Thompson. This stylistic film features 3 principle actors, and has an emphasis on visual arts, animation, and special effects.  There is some voice over, but no dialogue.

I am working on a recording of my song, Dark Angel, that will be featured on the soundtrack.  In addition, I’ll be adding some vocals and soundscapes to enhance the visuals.