Doren Damico

Justice Piper

Justice Piper

The Justice Files:Speculative Fiction background

“Time is a double helix, jazz dance in the blacklight flash of the Universe Club. Colorful parallel lines intersecting in infinity, becoming endless migrating circles in an unseen wind.  Not a line.  Not an illusion.  A great multidimensional unobtainium slinky quivering through space, whose rungs sometimes connect, sometimes spread far, sometimes tangle.   

I have seen myself dancing along the quivering thing, leaping from death to death like an electrical ghost.”

— Justice Piper, from The Unraveler’s Knot by Doren Damico

Unraveler's Star Jacket

The Unraveler’s Star is a Justice Piper Novelette, to be released soon.  

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(I am currently composing a summary of my time traveling sci-fi protagonist, Justice Piper, and volume maps for The Unraveler Series.  Return soon to learn more.)