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Smoke Free! It’s a Journey

Smoke Free Scream!

I’m 20 days smoke free and loving it!  Check out this video (20 seconds in) for my celebratory Smoke Free Scream!

Quitting at Midnight Improvisation

I wrote my book, When You Can’t Scream… Or 10 Reasons Why I Smoke, to develop and encourage compassion for myself and other smokers.  I developed my videos to support my own quit and to create a quitting legacy I can share with others.  This video ranks my personal Top Favorite because I battle the urge to smoke with the power of song.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking

I’ve spent a lot of time chronicling my journey to be smoke free.  The videos have truly helped me.  But I hope they can also help others.  Share this video with someone who is thinking about quitting.

It’s a Journey!

The first few days were hell, walking up a mountain of discomfort.  But I survived without cigarettes.

The last couple weeks have been much easier, a winding path with momentary ups and downs.  Still thinking about cigarettes for brief moments here and there.  Just watching these videos made me want to smoke.  The “After a Meal” cigarette still calls me like a friendly ghost, softly reminding me of its once presence.  The “I’m Screaming Mad” moments are echoed by a siren casting her malicious net.  I want to go to her, knowing she’ll ease the madness.  But I don’t.  The anger fades… passes like a storm.  Smiles return.

I’m smoke free.  I’m stink free.  My time isn’t an obsessive jigsaw puzzle of “where can I fit in a smoke.”  It’s my time.  Working on the computer is still a bit difficult, and I haven’t done much writing, yet.  So, there are bridges to cross, and lakes to swim.

There are some hills to climb, too.  I’m super sugar addicted right now, having allowed sugar to rule my world while I was saying goodbye to smoking.  I eat more, crave food as if it can fill the hole of my absent cigarettes.  I’ve gained several pounds in just 3 weeks!  The hills before me include adjusting my food habits and increasing my activity to break down the sugar/fat cycle.


A part of me wants to whine:  “But how will I fill the emptiness?”

My compassionate mind replies:  There is no emptiness.  I am complete.  No longer surviving… THRIVING.


Doren Damico is a lyricist, poet, visual artist, and the author of When You Can’t Scream… Or 10 Reasons Why I Smoke.   To follow her Smoke Free journey, subscribe to her youtube channel When You Can’t Scream…  To follow her creative journey, subscribe to her blog at:


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