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To my list of honors earned, such as Distinguished Jazz Graduate, Spock Acolyte and Autism Whisperer, I can now add:

Pandemic Thriver

education specialist / artist / writer of her own story

Here I am… brown-haired with enough cruel rewind stories to know that miracles are real. I stand on a rock in a creek by a volcano–21 years old. I remember how haunted I was and how resilient. I had already fallen in love with science fiction, clay sculpture, stained glass window design, collage, and leaving origami surprises in random spaces.

Now… I am silver-haired and wiser in the ways of this matrix. I’ve helped shape the destinies of many children, and of this one young man I call son and friend.

Grateful to connect after a pandemic apart, we visit a desert botanical garden and talk about the essence of adaptation.

The creative journey is my journey. I have 2 degrees in music, 2 teaching credentials, and a CV of educational, professional and creative contributions. I self-published a book that explores resilience through poetry and photography— a wonderful collaboration with LA women artists. My work resides in several articles, anthologies, unpublished chapbooks, spoken word performances, random collages, secret street installations, 10,000 salsa dancing hours, 20,000 jazz improvisation hours, a couple novels flowing through my fingertips, an almost graphic design certificate becoming explorations in wire sculpture…

If I had to vote for a favorite creative medium, it would likely be… paradox, followed closely by metaphor. And for third place, I imagine a battle between people and paper.

Scratch that. My favorite medium is light.

“artificial” light dmd

Creatively these days…

Poems are conversations I have with moments. Sequential arts are conversations I have with seasons. When I don’t feel like talking, I make slinky art. I’ve stopped all work on the sci-fi series I’ve been developing for the last 10 years, and replaced it with a new project! Books, apparently, are conversations I have over decades of rotations around the sun.

Sometimes… I leave stories here, links [rabbit holes, easter eggs and slinkies] about time travel, extrasensory experiences, and random reflections of books, visual arts, artists, science fiction, to include the miscellany of my own etcetera art.

Thanks for reading!

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