Doren Damico

Art & Design

Art and design are essential tools for the creative. And meditation. In meditation, I wrestle the darkness and light storms, into open spaces for leaping.

Design… is an informed and intentional plan to solve a given problem or achieve a specific purpose. The designer may sublimate the artist within so that work can flow for clients. When design transcends function, it is art.

Art… is an expression of ideas that may exist for a purpose or not. Art may ask questions or refuse to be questioned. It may have intention or be an intuitive dance with chaos. When an artist is also a designer, unstoppable change may result.

In meditation and in the arts, I am a beginner following my curiosity up to the moment where I am just curiosity being observed and recorded. Sometimes I journal as a way to reflect on these experiences. Sometimes I leave slinky flowers on windowsills. 

I discover that art, design and meditation are all just moments that we witness.