Doren Damico


Sci-fi Fandom — Is It A Particle Or A Wave?


I knew I was a sci-fi fan when my childhood Star Trek playgroup refused to let me be Spock because I was girl.  I vowed there and then, never to stop exploring where no man has gone before!

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Sci-fi Authors

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Science fiction authors are highly creative writers.  Not only do they make up stories, they create entire universes populated with unique life forms, time travel, alien technology, and new conceptions of consciousness and matter.  

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Philip K. Dick

Thirty some odd years after PKD’s death, his works are thriving with new generations of readers, books in print in multiple languages, and several works adapted to the screen, to include Bladerunner, Minority Report, A Scanner Darkly, Total Recall, The Adjustment Bureau, The Man in the High Castle, and recently, Amazon’s Electric Dreams.

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Time Travel


The concept of time travel can be found in mythological tales and fantasy stories dating back to early examples of the written word. These works generally rely upon supernatural explanations, rather than the modern conception of time travel through three-dimensional space via the fourth dimension of time.

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Justice Piper

The Justice Files:Speculative Fiction background

“Time is a double helix, jazz dance in the blacklight flash of the Universe Club. Colorful parallel lines intersecting in infinity, becoming endless migrating circles in an unseen wind.  Not a line.  Not an illusion.  A great multidimensional unobtainium slinky quivering through space, whose rungs sometimes connect, sometimes spread far, sometimes tangle.   

I have seen myself dancing along the quivering thing, leaping from death to death like an electrical ghost.”

— Justice Piper, from The Unraveler’s Knot by Doren Damico

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