Doren Damico

Analogies for Time

For what is death, but a dream from which we awaken to a greater life?  It is a half twist Möbius band, with one fine boundary.  It is another version of the proverbial question: which came first?  But of course, in a universe where time does not mean order, there is no answer but: all.

Justice Piper, The Unraveler’s Knot, by Doren Damico

Time is like…

a rubber band; a spring; a river (you cannot touch the same water twice because the flow that has passed will never pass again); a carrier wave; a thief; a storm;


heals, steals, flies, turns, stretches, 

Time is…

faster than the blink of an eye; the fourth dimension; a frequency; a perception; an asterisk; a footnote; wrinkly?; relative; on your side; a knot; a slinky;

Other Time Concepts

the arrow of time; a slave to time; there is only now; there is no time like the present; entropy is time’s arrow; spacetime; we are all aware of it’s passage;

From Fleeing From Absence by Olga Ast:

Time as…

a clock, a sandglass, a river, an arrow, a circle, the ouroboros, a trajectory, an ocean, fear, sense, memory, abstraction, will, shape, movement, frame of reference, resistance, replication, change, evolution, a code, a mirror, a rhythm, a coefficient, a copy

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