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Types of Time Travel

Lists of various Methods of Time Travel: according to Fiction; Science; Philosophy; and “Miscellaneous Tangles” (Conceptions of how time travel works). This page is intermittently updated/changed, depending on time, so come back or look forward once in a while….

Methods of Time Travel According to Fiction (literature and movies)

1. Time Travel via MACHINE/TECHNOLOGY There are soooo many time travel MACHINES that I will not list them all here. I will list those with some intriguing or unique element, and also provide different names for Time Travel Machines/Technology not otherwise listed.

The Time Machine by H. G. Wells – Time Travel via machine transport. The concept of time travel was popularized by this 1895 novel, and brought firmly into the realm of fiction. 

“Another Story or A Fisherman of the Inland Sea” by Ursula K. Le Guin. A group of scientists among the Hainish worlds develop Churten Technology, similar to the instantaneous transmission of communications via ansible.

Various Time Travel Machine Names:

Transition Chamber (“A Gun For Dinosaur”, L. Sprague De Camp); Retrogressor (“Rainbird”, R. A. Lafferty); Extension Cage (“Leviathan!, Larry Niven); Time Net & Time-casting Beam (“Anniversary Project”, Joe Haldeman); Carrier, Shuttle, Cube (Crosstime, Andre Norton);

Kai ‘Oswald” Siedler

2. Time Travel via DRUG – The second most used time travel method I’ve encountered in fiction is via some kind of DRUG interaction.

Surian Soosay

3. Time Travel via CONSCIOUSNESS  While time travel via drugs could be categorized as via consciousness, I will only include here, examples where CONSCIOUSNESS is not aided by drugs.

“I’m Scared” by Jack Finney – Time tangles via millions of minds longing for escape.

“Death Ship” by Richard Matheson – Meeting oneself across the threshold of death. This story was produced for television, along with many stories by Matheson. Watch “Death Ship” on Netflix, Season 4, Episode 6.

“Timetipping” by Jack Dann – People and things slip in and out of different times every instant of the day via timetipping.

“Sailing to Byzantium” by Robert Silverberg – Artificial webworks of mental responses based on real people of the past are transported to a far future existence.

4. Time Travel via OTHER – Worm hole, black hole, time warp, and fourth dimensional doors are some of the numerous creative methods of time travel falling under OTHER.

“Yesterday Was Monday” by Theodore Sturgeon – Time is a stage in the hands of stage hands, people are actors on the stage, and travel occurs through slippage and via a fourth dimensional door.

“Time Locker” by Henry Kuttner – Travel via a time warp in an object, a locker, with paradoxical consequences.

“Time’s Arrow” by Arthur C. Clarke – Travel via some unexplained property of Hellium II, which transports something big and dangerous from the past into the present.

“The Man Who Came Early” by Poul Anderson – Travel via being struck by some kind of lightning.

“Trapalanda” by Charles Sheffield – A portal built around a gravitational line singularity.

“The Price of Oranges” by Nancy Kress – The back of a closet to a specific month and year.

Methods of Time Travel According to Science (physics, etc.)

In this list we see various theories of time travel and related concepts as explored by scientists.

Time Dilation – Einstein’s Theory of Relativity Explained

Methods of Time Travel According to Philosophy

In this list we see various thoughts about time travel and related concepts as explored by thinkers who may be scientists, creatives, or philosophers.

Time Travel Philosophy Website

Miscellaneous Tangles – Conceptions of How Time Travel Works

In this list we see how time travel works, and the various paradoxes and possibilities that occur in these conceptions.

How to go back in time, kill your grandfather, before your parent was born, and still be alive

What would happen if you met your past self

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